(Paulick Report)

Jockey Carol Cedeno (Photo Credit: Matt May Photography)

Jockey Carol Cedeno made headlines last week when she set a Delaware Park record with seven winners on a ten-race card. For those who follow the Mid-Atlantic circuit closely, the only surprise is that it didn’t happen sooner.

Cedeno, who began riding in the United States in 2007, won the jockey title at her Delaware Park base in 2014, 2015, and 2016, and came just three wins short of picking it up again last year. She’s currently the leading jockey at the track with just a couple of weeks left in the meet.

While Cedeno enjoys her success, she isn’t one of those riders constantly counting her wins, bowling for the top of the standings with singular focus. She’s a rider who comes to work every day for the love of being in the saddle. And she just happens to be exceptionally good at it.

“I just do my job. If I win, I’m happy; if not, I tried,” she said. “I see people get mad because they didn’t win. When I started the meet, I didn’t win a race for the first week. I started winning almost two weeks after it started. But I don’t mind.”

Cedeno got her start in Puerto Rico’s riding school, which she attended almost on a whim, having very limited experience with horses at that point. During the first week, the school played a video depicting some of the most dangerous falls captured on film as a way of weeding out students who would be too intimidated by fear to continue. Some people dropped out after that. Cedeno kept coming back.