From The Winnipeg Free Press

Manitoba’s horse racing community is rallying for jockey Alyssa Selman, who suffered a severe fall at Assiniboia Downs on Saturday.

Selman fractured a vertabrae in her spinal column and was not able to feel her legs, a friend of the family told the Free Press. She had surgery on Sunday.

Selman, is married and grew up in Stephenfield, near Carman, and lives in St. Lupicin, which is also nearby. She attended school in Miami, Manitoba.

Selman was injured in the sixth race on Saturday when the heels clipped on her horse and it tumbled. The horse was able to get up but it was obvious to people in the stands that Selman had been severely injured. Selman stayed down a long time and had to be taken off on a stretcher, said a person who saw the fall.

The Jockey’s Benefit Association of Canada has posted Selman’s situation on Facebook.