Paulick Report

by Liane Crossley

Jockey Shane Sellers (Photo Credit: Alchetron)

Former jockey Shane Sellers’ daily routine is far different than his previous lifestyle, yet he’s only 15 miles from Keeneland where he had some of his most successful moments on the track.

In a career that closed in 2013 after 30 years, counting a five-year premature retirement, Sellers won 4,393 races. His mounts, including Hall of Famer Skip Away, earned more than $130 million. Since his final race, Sellers has found his stride in farm life. He is content in his role as a key crew member at Safari North, the former Pauls Mill that was purchased in 2018 by his girlfriend, Susan Moulton. The picturesque facility has mares, foals, yearlings and racetrack lay-ups for a total of about 50 horses. The property also houses a few retired racers that Sellers and Moulton ride.

“It’s great that I can stay in the game,” he said. “I love the babies and the young horses. I like to see them mature and go on to their racing careers whether it is with us or someone else.”

Sellers’ transition from boots in the saddle to boots on the ground had some unusual detours.

While sidelined in 2001 by a knee injury, Sellers dabbled in country music and had a local following especially with his song “Matthew, Mark, Luke and Earnhardt” written before the death of NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt.

“I had a friend in Nashville who said, ‘Why don’t you demo some songs?’”, Sellers said. “I had nothing to do, so I did. We came up with that song and it went to No. 58 on the (country music) charts. We had nine other songs to go with it, so we produced an album. I had fun with it and we did some shows. I counted it as a good time.”

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