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Monday was the 20th running of B.C. Cup Day at Hastings Racecourse and with over 10,000 in attendance when final wagering figures were announced just shy of $1.5 million it was among the most successful afternoons of local racing seen in years.

Amadeo Perez has taken a big lead in the Hastings Park standings.Four Footed Fotps.

Amadeo Perez has taken a big lead in the Hastings Park standings.
Four Footed Fotos.

The success of Cup Day clearly sends out a message to skeptics that horse racing still is a huge part of our local sports culture.

Among highlights from the 10-race program — and there were many — was jockey Amadeo Perez continuing his amazing riding streak of the past month.

Since his arrival from Mexico City, Perez has rapidly become a go-to jockey for trainers.

During the past 30 days, he has gone from trailing Richard Hamel for leading rider by one to presently being 12 winners in front, having now won 59 races.

His professionalism on and off the racetrack has also impressed veteran rider Frank Fuentes.

“I’m proud of him” said Fuentes, “He’s one of the good kids here, always level.

“On the racetrack, he rides clean and never bothers anyone out there, and is a pleasure to ride against. As a person he treats everyone the same.”

You’ve heard about “being in the zone” — well, that’s where Perez is now and it’s fun to watch.