Enter the JockeyTalk360 Quiz for a chance to win valuable prizes. Entries must be received by 9 pm (CST) on Sunday, December 14. A random drawing from correct answers will determine the winner.

This week’s prize will an Edgar Prado trading card.

Kentucky Derby TrophyQ. He was “The Master” and his 4,779 wins included 10 Jockey Gold Cups, 9 Wood Memorials and 8 Suburban Handicaps. Referred to as “Banana Nose” by his fellow jocks…maybe that’s why he never lost a photo. Who is this 5 time Kentucky Derby winner?

A) Bill Hartack
B) George Woolf
C) Johnny Longden
D) Eddie Arcaro
E) Kevin Cogburn

Answer: D) The great Eddie Arcaro.

We have a winner! Janice Blake of New York had her name drawn from the correct answers to win an Edgar Prado trading card.