Enter the JockeyTalk360 Quiz for a chance to win valuable prizes. Entries must be received by 9 pm (CST) on Sunday, December 28. A random drawing from correct answers will determine the winner.

This week’s prize will an autographed Gary Stevens trading card.

quiz_12Q. This former jockey retired from the saddle with over 2,000 wins but didn’t stay retired from racing for long. He has 2,200 more wins as a trainer and at age 77 reached the top of his game. Who is this age-defying superstar?

A) Art Carney
B) Art Linkletter
C) Art Sherman
D) Art Garfunkel
E) Art Modell

Answer: C) California Chrome trainer Art Sherman.

Congratulations to Andy Koester of Pflugerville, Texas, whose name was drawn from correct answers to win an autographed Gary Stevens trading card.