Enter the JockeyTalk360 Quiz for a chance to win valuable prizes. Entries must be received by 9 pm (CT) on Friday, February 6. A random drawing from correct answers will determine the winner.

This week’s prize will a pair of goggles autographed by Rafael Bejarano.

silksQ: If you answered this ad for a job, exactly what job would your be applying for? Job Description:

  1. Attends to JOCKEY at racetrack performing variety of services: Saddles horse and inserts lead pads in saddle pockets to meet weight specifications for race.
  2. Places number on saddle to correspond with horse’s entry number in race.
  3. Reads color assignment chart and obtains specific colors of silks from color room corresponding to stable colors.
  4. Assists JOCKEY to dress for race.
  5. Unsaddles horse after race and returns riding equipment to storage area.
  6. Cleans saddles, washes silks, and shines boots for JOCKEY.

A) Jockey Agent
B) Valet
C) Racing Secretary
D) Personal Assistant to Mr. DeMille

The answer is B) Valet.

Congratulations to Robin Rocchino from Pennsylvania, whose name was drawn from correct answers to win the Rafael Bejarano goggles!