By Eliya Finkelstein

They are the young girls, desperately devoted to the posters of ponies on their walls, the Breyer horses lined on their shelves, the polished boots placed carefully on their pedestal in the corners of their rooms. They are the young girls who know the histories and the horses better that the seasoned pros, whose daydreams consist of fast races and fascinators. They are the young girls who break the mold to make their own.

International Women's Day

Thoroughbred Insider/Eliya Finkelstein

They are the young women, willfully working their way through a world not always the most welcoming to strong female figures, ignoring insults and inquiries based solely on the assumption they are weaker, less able. Silently proving themselves time and time again while shattering every definition of what we “should” be.

They are the icons. The legendary faces and names of women past and present who have shown what we are capable of. The strong and the invincible who, when faced with adversity, looked it square in the eyes and forged ahead regardless. The icons who lift each other up, who support each other, who show the young girls what it really means to be a “woman in racing.”

They are the life givers to the next legends – human and equine alike – both in theory and in reality they make the impossible, possible.

They are the pioneers, the visionaries, the revolutionaries, and the trailblazers. They are the dreamers and they are the determined. They are the figures the next generation of girls look up to, plastered on bedroom walls a symbol of hope, of what can be…what will be.

From the women at Thoroughbred Insider:

Here’s to strong women,
May we know them,
May we be them,
May we raise them.

Happy International Women’s Day!